Bitcoin maintains the upward trend that began last week after Tesla’s decision to invest $ 1.5 billion.

Bitcoin, the most widely used cryptocurrency, surpassed the border of US $ 52,000 (43,000 euros) late on Wednesday and reached a new all-time high.

The cryptocurrency touched US $ 52,632 (43,623 euros), although it subsequently lost steam and is now around US $ 51,700 (42,840 euros), according to data from Bloomberg.

Bitcoin, which broke the barrier of US $ 50,000 (41,430 euros) on Tuesday, maintains the upward trend that began last week after the decision of the US electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla to invest US $ 1,500 million (1,242 million euros) in this cryptocurrency.

That momentum gained traction after payment media company Mastercard and bank BNY Mellon announced days later that they will allow the use of cryptocurrencies on their services.

Ether, the second most widely used cryptocurrency, has also reached a new all-time high, now standing at US $ 1,917 (1,588 euros).

It is the first time that ether, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network, has exceeded the level of US $ 1,900.