Financial planner community is growing: FPSB Germany welcomes new professionals.

Certificates are an important seal of approval for high-quality financial planning – particularly high demand for new certification in the area of ​​generation management

Whether from a private bank, savings bank, Volksbank or private investment and financial advice – again this year many women and men have decided to take a further level in their professional qualifications: certification from the Financial Planning Standards Board Germany eV (FPSB Germany) . It signals to the investor the best quality training qualification available in this country.

The FPSB Germany has now awarded a total of 343 new certifications at the general meeting on Friday, June 18, 2021. “The quality seals are proof of personal qualifications – regardless of company affiliation or institutional ties. Financial service providers with these titles indicate their personal advisory skills,” explained Professor Dr. Rolf Tilmes, old and new chairman of the FPSB Germany. The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® (CFP®) certification was awarded 26 times, the CERTIFIED FOUNDATION AND ESTATE PLANNER (CFEP®) one time. There were also 8 EFA certifications and 20 DIN certificates from Austrian Standards Plus GmbH.

Great success for generation management

There were also 288 CGA® CERTIFIED GENERATIONS ADVISOR certifications. This is a new seal of approval in generation management. “We are delighted with the strong interest that shows the increasing need for professional advice in the area of ​​asset succession and transfer,” said Prof. Tilmes. The certificate is the first step towards certification as CFEP®. Specifically, it is part of the content-related competencies of a generation manager to advise his customers in the area of ​​private assets, to accompany the process of drawing up powers of attorney, dispositions or the will and to support them with pronounced communicative and mediative skills.

As a certification organization, the FPSB Germany awards the internationally established certificates to financial advisors with many years of experience, excellent training and impeccable repute. “We have been growing continuously since our foundation in 1997. The financial advisors recognize that qualification is the central element for success in consulting,” explained Prof. Tilmes, who, in addition to his position on the board, is also Academic Director Finance & Wealth Management at the EBS Executive School, Oestrich-Winkel is.

“We are pleased with the continued strong interest in the certifications from financial advisors and financial planners. They are a global symbol of excellent financial planning,” said the FPSB Board of Directors. The winners of this development are investors who are currently confronted with difficult conditions on the capital market everywhere and whose need for a long-term, well-thought-out investment strategy tailored to their individual needs is increasing.

Strict quality control in the interests of the consumer

The FPSB Germany is firmly convinced that financial and asset succession planners can only put themselves in their customers’ shoes with high-quality, holistically oriented qualifications and thus gain better access to the perspective of their clientele. In addition to the highest standards in the financial industry, there is strict quality control. “The customer can be sure that he will always be advised according to the latest knowledge,” said the FPSB board.

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About the FPSB Germany e.V.
The Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. – FPSB is a global network with currently 27 member countries and around 192,000 certificate holders. Its aim is to spread the worldwide professional standard for financial planning and to promote public trust in financial planners. The Financial Planning Standards Board Germany e.V. (FPSB Germany), based in Frankfurt am Main, has been a full member of this organization since 1997.

The central task of the FPSB Germany is the certification of financial and succession planners according to internationally uniformly defined rules. Important seals of approval are the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®-Professional, the CFEP® CERTIFIED FOUNDATION AND ESTATE PLANNER-Professional, the European Financial Advisor EFA® and the CGA® CERTIFIED GENERATIONS ADVISOR. The FPSB Germany also has the right to set standards for the methodology of holistic financial advice. To this end, the FPSB Germany works closely with regulatory and supervisory authorities, science and research, consumer advocates, the press and the interested public. Another concern of the FPSB Germany is to improve general financial literacy.