Because Lufthansa received nine billion euros in government aid, its competitor Condor accuses it of abusing its market power. The airline is suing the EU court for stricter conditions.

The airline Condor wants to have the EU conditions for the government aid billions to its competitor Lufthansa judicially checked. The holiday airline has filed a suit with the European Union Court in Luxembourg, a company spokeswoman confirmed to several news agencies.

Condor, which was saved by the state, accuses its larger competitor of abusing its market power in order to distort competition. This is not sufficiently prevented with the previous conditions for the nine billion euros in state aid. They would have to be tightened accordingly. Condor has also initiated competition proceedings with the Federal Cartel Office, which have already been initiated.


Condor Airport


The defendant is the EU, not Lufthansa

Lufthansa did not want to comment on this and pointed out that it was not the defendant. The lawsuit is directed against the EU.

In the fall, Lufthansa terminated a long-term contract for feeder flights to Condor long-distance travel – a business that they want to become more involved in with the new “Eurowings Discover” platform. At Condor, this makes it more difficult to book transfer connections with a change of airline.