Jean Boulet feels urgent that job seekers re-enter the labor market, moreover in a context where the labor shortage is showing no signs of abating. The Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity thus wishes to meet urgent staff needs in the province, at a time when unemployed people can take advantage of programs such as the Canada Economic Recovery Benefit.

“We have the collective challenge of meeting the needs of businesses,” Minister Boulet said at a virtual press conference on Wednesday. As we know, some are forced to refuse contracts. For others, growth is hampered by a lack of labor. ”

With this in mind, he announced the creation of the Québec emploi platform “based on artificial intelligence”. It connects recruiters and job seekers from all over Quebec. “It is a concrete, innovative and effective tool,” enumerates Minister Boulet. This employment service is accessible via the internet. It is user-friendly, completely secure and free. ”

The government wants fast and efficient twinning thanks to geolocation, after registering candidates, describing their interests and sending their CVs. of the first interviews, explains Jean Boulet. He is going to have applications that truly meet his needs. It will save a considerable amount of time. Many SMEs do not have a structured human resources department. This site is going to have huge benefits for them, in particular.

“There are areas of economic activity where the need for labor is dire,” he adds. It is important to take concrete action to support both employers and employees who are unemployed or receiving Canadian economic stimulus benefits. ”

Unofficially launched a few days ago, the platform has already attracted thousands of registrations, according to the Ministry of Labor. “The more companies there are, the more people will register, the more efficient and faster it will be in terms of results,” says Jean Boulet. You can consult the platform for permanent, full-time, part-time, student jobs. Even interns will be able to benefit from this site. There will be no more reason not to make this tie-down as soon as possible. ”

Québec emploi is the death knell for the temporary Jetravaille! Platform, launched last June, which aimed to urgently fill positions in a pandemic context.