Three of Abu Dhabi’s largest state-owned companies have agreed to work together to turn the emirate with rich oil resources into an exporter of clean hydrogen.

Mubadala Investment Co., Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. and the Abu Dhabi Sovereign Wealth Fund (ADQ) have decided to form an alliance to produce hydrogen based on the use of natural gas and renewable energy, which they will export both abroad and to the United Arab Emirates, ADQ reported in -a press release.

Some Middle Eastern states, which have built their wealth on oil, are currently trying to develop hydrogen production, which will be used as fuel, with a view to transitioning some of the most important oil buyers to less polluting alternatives.

Saudi Arabia’s energy minister has also said he wants to turn the world’s largest oil exporter into the world’s largest hydrogen exporter.

Like Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi produces natural gas, which can be used to produce what experts call hydrogen blue. The emirate also enjoys the sun, which can be used to produce a variant of hydrogen called green hydrogen. Abu Dhabi is the capital and largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates.