The two entities become Banque Raiffeisen Genève Rive Gauche with a balance sheet of more than 3 billion francs.

Banque Raiffeisen d´Arve & Lac and Banque du Salève, both active in Geneva, have decided to unite their destinies under the corporate name of Banque Raiffeisen Genève Rive Gauche. With a balance sheet of 3.04 billion francs and equity of 218 million, it becomes one of the largest Raiffeisen banks in Switzerland and thus strengthens its position as a major player in the development of its region, in respect for cooperative values.

At general meetings held by correspondence for health reasons, the members of Banque Raiffeisen d’Arve & Lac and those of Banque Raiffeisen du Salève accepted by a very large majority (94% of the votes in each of the two assemblies) the merger project submitted to them. The boards of directors of the two banks have expressed their enthusiasm for this very clear result. “In view of the new perspectives and the synergies offered by the combination of the strengths of the two banks, we are convinced that this is the best solution for the future. We are very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​continuing the adventure with a new joint entity, “said Marco Moscatelli, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the new Banque Raiffeisen Genève Rive Gauche.

With its head office in Carouge, Banque Raiffeisen Genève Rive Gauche has some 46,000 clients, including 22,400 members, as well as 81 employees spread over 8 branches in Chêne-Bourg, Collonge-Bellerive, Rive, Florissant, Carouge, Plan-les-Ouates, Veyrier and soon in Lancy-Pont-Rouge. It thus strengthens its presence on the regional market.

With a balance sheet of CHF 3.04 billion and equity capital of CHF 218 million, the new entity becomes one of the largest Raiffeisen banks in Switzerland. “This merger is first and foremost in keeping with Raiffeisen’s cooperative values, which make it a unique and different Bank. A local bank which guarantees a rapid decision-making process and whose local presence contributes directly to the development of its region “, insists Marco Moscatelli.

“Our priority will be to further strengthen proximity to our customers, whether physical through our branch network or digital with the development of new digital applications, or a ‘phygital’ strategy”, explains Fabien Rei, President of the general management of the new Bank. Thanks to its extended network of branches and its strengthened financial base, Banque Raiffeisen Genève Rive Gauche will offer more innovative solutions and ever more personalized support to its clients: “The merger will allow us to commit ourselves even more broadly to the local economy. Our goal is to support the entrepreneurial spirit of our private and corporate clients and to support them in the development of their ideas, “adds Fabien Rei.

Each employee was involved in the merger process and actively contributed to the construction of the new entity. “We are fortunate to be the 3rd largest Swiss banking group, but ultimately to operate as an SME at the local level. This allows for more human relationships, faster decisions and more developed entrepreneurship. Everyone works and contributes to a very concrete common objective: the sustainability of a banking SME, “emphasizes Fabien Rei.