The Caisse the credit municipal de Bordeaux (CCMB) risks a fine of 200,000 euros from the banking supervisor, in particular for “serious deficiencies in governance” which have given rise to “slippages” in the granting of certain loans .

Christian Lajoie, representative of the supervisory college of the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR), asked Friday during a meeting of the Sanctions Committee a reprimand and a fine “not less” than 200,000 euros. In particular, the CCMB is criticized for having wanted to embark on new “high risk” activities from 2016 with high value pledges, patrimonial loans or “Sacem loans”, without having taken the necessary steps. approval.

Municipal loans are atypical institutions since they are both attached to their city, sole shareholder, and considered as credit institutions and therefore governed by the monetary and financial code. They also have a monopoly on the pawn shop activity, which involves leaving valuables in exchange for credit. There followed many “slippages”, according to Christian Lajoie, due to “serious inadequacies in governance”, with an “inability” of the Orientation and Supervisory Board (Cos) of the establishment to exercise its control mission.

Loss of nearly 700,000 euros in 2020

Claudine Bichet, Finance Assistant of the new EELV team at the head of Bordeaux acknowledged that “the descent into hell that Crédit municipal has experienced over the past three years has now been confirmed”, while the CCMB reported a loss of nearly 700,000 euros in 2020, against a net profit of 34,000 euros in 2019 and more than one million in previous years.

Listing the measures put in place upon her arrival last June, including a complete overhaul of the entire Cos and a change at the head of the CCMB, she asked “to show indulgence” by sparing the fine. at the “new Fund”.

“200,000 euros, that seems huge to us,” added lawyer David Masson, indicating that it would be as much money that will not go to the Communal Center for Social Action which works for people in difficulty. The ACPR is due to unveil its decision in the coming weeks.